4 essential communication tips for leaders

January 25, 2012 - 18:36 -- Dr. Ada

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Most problems in business today can be traced to the absence of good communication. If you don’t have good communication skills, you could be passed over for promotion. Savvy leaders know their next success could depend on mastering the ability to communicate and connect effectively. Here are 4 communication tips that can help you succeed.

1. Walk the talk

Words are empty if they aren’t backed by actions.

  • If you ask others to be open to questions, you have to be open.
  • If you ask others to listen, you have to be an example of good listening.
  • If you ask others to be clear and short, you have to do the same.

Walking the talk will gain you credibility, influence, and trust.

2. Check for understanding

Don’t assume that your people understood what you are trying to communicate. Many things in yourself and others can interfere with sending and receiving the message. Therefore, paraphrase what others say to you, and ask employees to paraphrase what they heard.

3. Ask for feedback, listen to it, and act on it

If you don’t plan to listen and act on feedback, it’s better not to ask for it. Employees want to know if their input is being heard and taken into consideration. If it’s not appropriate to act on it, explain why you can’t.

4. Training

Communication is mostly a learned skill. Talking about the importance of communication without providing the training and means to practice it doesn’t work. Make sure you have the training and tools you need to connect.

Then make sure your supervisors and managers also receive training, and can practice effective communication with you and with those that report to them. Then hold yourself and everybody else accountable.

Remember. . .

To build trust and credibility a leader needs to know how to communicate effectively. Only then will you be able to inspire and influence others.

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