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Running a business has many challenges. Being a better communicator will make you a better leader. How can you tap into the hidden talent surrounding you? Is there a magic phrase that would open up the door to reveal more creative solutions to your leadership or management challenges?

Often it's not a matter of what you say, but more of how you say it. You can learn the skills to open the door to collaboration and change. You will understand better how to harness the collective intelligence and facilitate transformative conversations for leadership and organizational development. These are my specialties and can become yours.

Transformative conversations are the heart of leadership. Logos Noesis is a different name offering a different way of working with human interaction and communication. Your specific challenges will be met by my services, which are focused on aligning executive behavior to day-to-day needs. Thus your business and your people will be ready to meet your challenges, planning and implementing together. You will be more effective at:

  • Creating a culture of open communication
  • Negotiating favorable outcomes for internal and external ventures
  • Conducting more effective meetings with actionable results
  • Invigorating creativity and effectiveness
  • Implementing and facilitating change effectively
  • Interacting more comfortably and appropriately with international colleagues
  • Increasing productivity and revenue
  • Having more collaboration through the organization
  • Seeing teams working better together and doing more
  • Moving forward together

As consultant, executive coach, meeting emergence facilitator, and organizational development professional, I use my expertise in psychology, adult learning, and organizational development to help organizations and leaders think, communicate, and work better together. You can be a better leader by working with me to sharpening your dialogue, and collaboration skills.

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